VAO works with that emerging technology and has a wide database of Subject Matter Experts. We can help your organization implement the concept and deploy ready to use solution including:
  • decentralized digital ledger setup
  • smart contracts implementation
  • secure cloud infrastructure for hosting your blockchain solution

Blockchain competences:
  • Multichain blockchain service on Amazon Web Services (deploying Blockchain with MultiChain on AWS EC2) - building private Blockchain
  • IBM Blockchain service instances and Bluemix services (Hyperledger Fabric 1.0)
  • Writing  smart contracts and deployment on Hyperledger Fabric 1.0 and IBM Blockchain
  • Knowledge of BlockCypher’s Ethereum API (Blockchain API for Ethereum)
Blockchain case study - eCommerce:
  • e-commerce world
  • Auctions buying and selling products
  • First payment to wallet in standard currencies by BrainTree API.
  • Next transactions with cryptocurrency (bitcoin first, second step own new currency)
  • Smart contracts to set up orders which can run automatically if price is on defined level
Blockchain case study - Ethereum:
  • Building platform based on Ethereum API (Blockchain)
  • Exchange standard currencies and crypto-currencies
  • Smart contracts to buy or sell in most attractive price/level
  • Public and safety ledger of all transactions
  • Wallet operations