How do we work: Project Managment

When you come to us with your idea, we always make it clear, we want to meet your expectations in the best possible way. Your contribution to the process of creating and managing a project is very important, therefore you can be sure that the management method will be individually adjusted to your project. We work in the broadly understood Agile methodology. SCRUM is something we love and which we use very often. However, our project managers are very flexible and you can be sure that they will choose the best possible way to achieve the goal and create the perfect product, regardless of the framework.

What does the cooperation with us look like?

  • First meeting - during the meeting, we will want to know your business goals and the vision of the project. We answer your questions and collect necessary information to perform a detailed project valuation.
  • Creating a backlog - Let's establish the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) of the project that will allow us to build the application in stages.

  • Sprint - this is the moment when we start the implementation of your project. We prepare the appropriate environment and configure the necessary tools. It is also the moment to decide on the order in which the tasks will be carried out.

  • Development phase - The development phase is the time when your product is created. SCRUM allows us to continuously verify the progress in the software development process. Our project management is in constant contact with you and we adapt to any changes.

  • Release time - When work on a specific part of the project has been completed, we are ready to hand over the first draft.

  • Project support - When the work on the project is completed, we offer support for your project. Support includes updates, adding new functionalities or correcting bugs.