Green IT

VAO takes care of natural resources and uses ‘green’ technologies. Our current pro-environmental activities include, among others, the following:
  • using energy saving and LED light bulbs instead of conventional filament bulbs (savings both in the ecological and economical dimension)
  • using ecological system solutions for washing and drying hands, as well as ecological mats and wipers (CWS boco systems – resigning from strong detergents and paper towels)
  • recycling and segregation of municipal waste
  • recycling of IT equipment (monitors, laptops, workstations)
  • recycling of IT cartridges and toners for printers (system solutions for refilling ink and toner cartridges)
  • using teleconference calls, chats, and phone calls to contact Clients in case it is possible to avoid airplane/car trips to their premises
  • creating incentives for employees to use public transport and bicycles.