UI/UX Design

Would you like to refresh the brand image?

By setting your expectations against the directions of product development that are in line with market trends, we present product ideas that are not only appealing to the eye, but also promote sales and are consistent with what the consumer is looking for.

Our brand design offer includes:

  • developing word/figurative brand and claim
  • preparing a complete visual identification system (Brandbook)
  • compiling layouts for electronic publications and materials DTP (BTL)
  • developing product packaging design

Would you like to make the presented content more attractive?

Presented figures and tables become more ‘eye-catching’ and easier to grasp when the information is well visualised. Illustrations, which are properly chosen and have a consistent style, complement the presentation with multimedia and the give it a modern and more professional look.

Our content illustration offer includes:

  • layouts for multimedia presentations
  • visualisation of figures, tables, charts,
  • static illustrations (e.g. drawing, photograph)
  • dynamic illustrations (e.g. video, 2d and 3d animation)
  • infographics

Does your product need new packaging?

Consumers shop mainly with their eyes and the packaging is a showcase of the quality and usefulness of a product. We offer solutions that combine your vision of the product with market trends and consumer expectations.

Our packaging design offer includes:

  • developing a packaging from the concept to the production prototype
  • developing an alternative creation or re-lifting only the graphic design of the product
  • providing consulting and assistance in the production of the packaging