About Us

VAO, established in 2004, is a company headquartered in Poznań, but its solutions are delivered not only to Polish clients, but also to European and American ones. 
We offer a wide range of IT solutions. Firstly, we design and implement advanced web applications (PHP - Drupal, Magento, Laravel, Node.js, ReactJS, iOS, Android, Flutter). Secondly, we create and implement specialised applications for internal use in companies. Last but not least, we also provide comprehensive IT outsourcing and IT consulting.

Our main goal is using the most effective solutions to fully meet the targets defined by our Clients.


The dynamic market nowadays requires the best products and services in the same areas in which we have been experts for years. Thus, we are glad to meet the expectations of even the most demanding clients.
Our work on developing the VAO brand and building on our reputation never stops. We deliver high quality services in a reliable way. We meet the conditions, keep the deadlines, and fulfil contract terms.


Our team is a close-knit group of managers, programmers and graphic designers who use their best skills and abilities to develop different types of IT projects quickly and professionally. We use ‘state-of-the-art’ project management and customer contact methods. While performing the tasks entrusted to us we take into account all of their aspects, such as: managerial issues, appearance/layout, functionality and security. As a result, we deliver complete and reliable applications fully adapted to the requirements of our Clients.
The crucial element of our work is good communication with our Clients. Our managers translate the Clients’ ideas into real functions, which shall later become the components of a bigger system. Owing to the long-standing experience of our experts, we know how to avoid misunderstandings, shorten the time required to deliver the solutions and minimise the costs.
As soon as the project has been drafted, the programmers go into action. They are a well-integrated team of experts who have been working together for a long time. Their experience in implementing IT solutions based on various programming languages allows us to create cutting-edge solutions. As a result, the Client receives an efficient, reliable and secure final product.
No application can do without the graphical user interface (GUI) - its fundamental component. Our graphic designers combine artistic ideas with the simplicity of use and take full advantage of the features of the designed system. They work is of great significance as it decides what impression you and your clients will get and whether your offer will be chosen.