Web Development

Smart and effective solutions for your business. We build elegant and fully-responsive websites to turn our customers’ early stage ideas into successful products. We provide web development on Laravel, Symfony, Drupal and Node.js platforms.

Laravel, Symfony, Drupal, Node.JS

How can you define web development services?

A wide variety of services fall under the umbrella of web development, such as website and web app delivery, cybersecurity solutions, UX/UI design, eCommerce solutions, website architecture, QA testing, maintenance, consulting, and even the creation of custom CMS platforms.

Attain your business objectives with web development services

Our experienced developers specialize in a diverse range of web development services. Here are some of the solutions we can provide for you.


An expertly crafted website is an impactful marketing and communication tool that establishes trust and generates leads.


eCommerce solutions enable businesses to operate around the clock, every day of the week, and reach customers across various time zones.

Web Applications

Web applications have the potential to reach a worldwide audience, and their interactivity and engaging nature make them an effective tool for capturing and holding user's attention.

Content Management System

By tailoring a CMS to the unique needs of your business, you can streamline internal workflows and increase efficiency, resulting in time and cost savings.

What technologies will provide the most value to your business?

By integrating cutting-edge technologies into your tech stack, you can effectively resolve customer problems and advance your business with tailored solutions that meet your unique requirements.

Frontend Development

Our team leverages widely adopted frontend frameworks, including React.js, Vue.js, and Angular, to develop the user-facing aspects of your product.

Full Stack Development

Our team provides comprehensive web development services that integrate both frontend and backend solutions, along with any other necessary technologies, to ensure the success of your product from end to end.

Cloud Development

Moreover, we utilize cloud services such as Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure to ensure rapid and secure deployment of your applications.

Leverage our established web development process and achieve success with your project

We understand that intricate projects require our web development team to meticulously attend to every aspect of creating web-based solutions. With over 500 successfully delivered projects, VAO Team possesses the knowledge and expertise to execute a flawless and streamlined web-based software development process.


Discuss your concept

Establishing the direction with the guidance of our web development consultants


Select a technology

Determining the appropriate tech stack and overall approach


Create a design

Creating an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly web solution with the talent of our design specialists



Developing the web application with the expertise of our skilled engineers


Enter the market

Launching your product and keeping it in good form with support and maintenance

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